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In South-Pohjanmaa, an area in west Finland, everything is big and wide, just like in Texas, USA.

So it's not especially surprising that several motorcycles from the area are wide too, like this article's Suzuki GSX-R 1000...

This wide fighter Gixer's owner is Jaakko 'Mäyhy' Mäkynen, and his history with bikes is pretty much the same as so many other bombers.

In the Eighties, Jaakko was a little three year boy, when his dad bought him a Honda QR mini motocross bike. After that, as Jaakko grew older, the bikes just got bigger and faster, although most of them weren't street bikes. Rather than being on the road, Jaakko was racing with supermotos, ATV, ice racing on MX-bikes and snowmobile cross.

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His first real street bike was an '88 model Suzuki GSX-R 750, with yellow stripes, but this bike was exchanged with a road racing GSX-R 600. Jaakko was just racing it on the track, but at end of the 2014 summer, he bought this 1000cc Suzuki, already knowing what to do with it.

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While he owned his first street bike, Jaakko got to hear about the Bomber scene, and bought his first copy of the printed Bomber Mag (for those of you who don't know, the paper Bomber magazine is printed in Finland, written in Finnish). More fuel on the flames came when he saw MAD KUUSAA Mike´s wide Destroyer Busa. Desperate to have the same kind of bike, but not a Busa, Jaakko decided that he wanted to get the first wide tyre 1000cc GSX-R, because there wasn't anything like that in Finland. Another idea was to make as many self-made parts as possible, so that no-one could ever think that this bike has just been bought straight from a Suzuki dealer.

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The bike is a 2006 model, and the guy who sold this bike to Jaakko was a little bit sad when Jaakko told him his plans. The project started when Jaakko ordered some new wide yokes, and the standard clip-on bars were replaced by the fatbar. Also the two rear view mirrors was moved to under the bars.

2016 02 11 19.58.44

Jaakko had a few good friends to help him - Jaska Salokorpi was the main man on this project. The speedometer got a new place on the rear side of the new handlebars, clearing up the front of the yokes very nicely and making space for the front mask, acquired from MAD Mike.

Jaska made the one-off swinging arm totally by himself, although Jaakko helped as much than possible. And the creation of the front and rear wheels brought in yet more help. The design of the wheels was all by Jukka Hautala's hand, and all of the turning and machining was undertaken by Ville Huhta. Jaska and Jaakko did all of the welding themselves and they a pair of outer rims made by used RH, a company who produce custom car wheels. The front tyre is 180mm wide and the rear a nice and healthy 300mm, so with those in place, the GSX-R was starting to look pretty bad ass.

Jaakko said that, these days, everyone has just a wide ass rear tyre and a stretched swinging arm, but not so many have also got a wide front end (well, maybe today they have, but not when Jaakko first built the bike, back in 2014). All the suspension and brake parts have been kept stock, basically because they are good already. You know the saying, if it ain't broke...

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For the front mudguard and the bellypan, Jaakko got hold of some already crashed parts that he got almost free. As he was going to modify them to his own desires, it made sense to start with damaged ones, partly because they were cheap, and if he was going to cut them to pieces and re-weld them back together, they might as well be broken to start with...

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Jaakko also made, with Jaska, a new radiator expansion tank and a new slip-on exhaust can that they made from folded steel sheet.
The fuel tank had some remedial work to fix some damage thanks to Joni Keskinen, and all the other parts got some new paint by Janne Kari and Jukka Talvitie. The theme was easy, just like Jaakko's first bike, black and yellow works every time!

So, the only thing left to get sorted was some tuning on the stock engine. Well, it was originally meant to stay stock, but after Jaakko realised how good this bike is to ride, he has started planning some boost for this Punisher!

Punisher 014

Jaakko has also visited a local trackday with this bike, and you can wonder what those basic RR-riders would've been thinking when they saw Jaakko dragging his knee through the apex this widened Streetfighter Suzuki!


Suzuki GSX-R 1000K6, standard exhaust headers, one-off link pipe & end can.

Suzuki GSX-R 1000K6, standard rearsets, standard subframe.

Front end:
One-off wide yokes, standard forks, discs & calipers, one-off billet wheel, 180/55x17” tyre.

Rear end:
One-off swinging arm, standard shock, caliper & disc, one-off billet wheel, 300/35x18” tyre.

Mask from MAD Mike, home modified front mudguard & bellypan, standard tail unit.

Black & yellow by Janne Kari & Jukka Talvitie.

Thanks to:
”Jari Sointula; Tuomas Salo; Janne Laakso; Hannu Nisula; Kalle Hautaluoma; Joni Keskinen; Janne Kari and Jukka Talvitie; Timo Lintala; and Mad Mike. ”